Workbasket Magazine 2 Issues 1952 & 5 Issues 1951 Home and Needlecraft Magazines Time Capsule Knit Crochet Needlework Patterns

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If you love knitting, crochet or tatting patterns and tutorials, these vintage copies of Workbasket Magazine would be very nice to have. The Workbasket issues here are from 1951 and 1952 Though they are a step back in time, you will find these little magazines packed with lovely vintage needlework projects complete with instructions and black and white photos. You will find patterns for bedspreads, doilies, pot holders, sweaters, mittens, tablecloths, and embroidery. They are really fun to peruse through even for the graphics, ads and written columns!

This lot of Workbaskets include the following issues:

May 1951, Vol. 16, No. 8
July 1951, Vol 16, No 10
August 1951, Vol 16, No. 11
November 1951, Vol. 17, No 2
December 1951, Vol 17, No 3

November 1952, Vol. 18, No 2
December 1952, Vol. 18, No 2

The volumes are in good condition, but the pages are darkened due to their age; small tears on some of the covers or where someone cut off the original mailing label. From what I can see there are no missing pages or major damage to the magazines.

This collection is perfect if you are adding to an existing Workbasket collection or you want to start a collection! I have my own collection of these wonderful little magazines from the past that I love to take out and read! I am selling the duplicates of issues that I have.

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Workbasket Magazine 2 Issues 1952 & 5 Issues 1951 Home and Needlecraft Magazines

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