Recycled T Shirt Cotton Dish Rags Eco Friendly Cleaning Cloth Earth Tones Tie Dye Kitchen Gift Set Eco Friendly Gift

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Product Description

Here are four tie dyed coordinated eco friendly cotton dish rags made from recycled t shirts. Each cleaning cloth has three layers of 100% cotton recycled t shirts, sewn together to make these thick and absorbent cloths. They are my favorite cleaning cloths to use in every room of my home!

The cloths are in earth tones of olive green, beige, rust and grey. The cleaning cloths have three layers of sturdy up-cycled t shirt material. Each cloth has a coordinating color layer in the center and are sewn with a decorative, zigzag stitch around the edges.

These cleaning cloths are lint free cleaning cloths, and make a great alternative to kitchen sponges! The dish cloths can be washed and dried in the laundry so they are reusable and economical. Cut down on paper towels and disposable cleaning products when you use these eco friendly cleaning cloths. The edge of the material curls after washing up to the stitch line, giving the cloths a softened edge that won'unravel. This is characteristic of 100% cotton jersey material and does not affect the durability of the cloth.

I use only clean, good condition cotton t-shirt fabric that would otherwise be headed for the trash, and I repurpose everything that I can! These cleaning cloths are one of my favorite projects for giving a t shirt new life!

~The set of four cotton cleaning cloths can be machine washed and dried.
~The cotton dish clothes are generous 9" square size.

Thank you so much for looking at these upcycled cotton dish cloths!

Recycled T Shirt Cotton Dish Rags Eco Friendly Cleaning Cloth Earth Tones Tie

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